Lord Aurarius

of the House Darhukas


He’s smiling. Why is he smiling? Is he actually pleased with me? No, he can’t be. What did I do? What’ll he do? Ahhhhhhh!

He looks like a nice old man. Looks can be deceiving.


His wealth is matched only by his vindictiveness. If he feels that he has been slighted, he will utilize all the resources at his disposal to bring down his enemies. Because of this, other nobles tend to be wary of dealing with him, but this doesn’t stop lesser nobles or those down on their luck from trying to curry his favor. It rarely ends well for them.

Lord Aurarius has a small army of bounty hunters, assassins and mercenaries on retainer. In fact, he has so many that not even a man like him can constantly come up with things for them to do. So he loans them out to other houses, in return for favors, ludicrous amounts of money, or both. Of course, House Ascuboss gets the best men for the best price.

Many groups of Hounds have at least one man, if not more, who are on the Lord’s payroll. While there have been no recorded instances of these men betraying their fellows, or the House for which they are currently working for, in the name of Lord Aurarius or the Scarred Coin, the mere fact that a sizable percentage of Hounds are linked in some way to Lord Aurarius is enough to make the nobles from other Houses, and even those of House Darhukas, even more wary of Lord Aurarius.

There are some who whisper that Lord Aurarius is not as powerful as he seems, that many of those on his payroll are much less loyal to him than Aurarius would have people think. Of course, the fact is that these whispers, and often times the whisperers themselves, seem to die out very shortly after they begin.

Recently, a large amount of mercenaries on his retainer were loaned out to House Ascuboss. Some think that this transfer is part of reparations between House Ascuboss and House Darhukas after the dark elf incident. Some think that this is a sign that House Ascuboss is planning something, something big. Others think that it’s Lord Aurarius who’s making a move. Only time will tell which rumor, if any, turns out to be correct.

One of these men was a bounty hunter, a man called Hunter.

Lord Aurarius

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