Roman the Questari

Leader of the Wayward Grackel Caravan


Script Answers

  • “Greetings! What’s your name, friend?”
    • My name is Romanovich Gellistar Cominichi Guvassiaye, but I am called, by all who have the inclination, Roman. This collection of badly painted pine boxes you see behind me is The Wayward Grackle. I am its guide, its teamster, and its captain. Have you ever travelled by way of a Questari caravan? It is a thing of extreme comfort…and discretion.
  • “Ready your weapon and prepare to die!”
    • Weapon? Me? Clearly, you have mistaken me for some other handsome fellow.
  • “That’s a nice cloak you have there. Would you consider a trade?”
    • “This cloak. It was given me by my dearest grandmother. It is almost priceless. How could I part with such a thing? This trade would have to be very special. Yes, special indeed.
  • “Enemy troops ahead! We’ve got to do something!”
    • “Quiet down. They’ll want a bribe no doubt.
  • “Will you allow some weary travelers to rest here for a bit?”
    • “Yes. Of course. Do you play cards?”
  • “Do you know where Ramus the Healer resides?” (Assume the answer is ‘no’)
    • “Ah, the great Ramus…no I don’t. We have our own healers, I’m afraid. Much better in some ways. Questari magic can go where imperial magic can go. Good luck with Ramus though. I have heard that he is a skilled man with a saw”
  • “Where can we find Princess Marcella?” (Assume the NPC knows the answer)
    • “Marcella? Princess. Never heard of her.”
  • “May I borrow your horse?”
    • Ha ha. Good one."
  • “Have you ever heard of Grendar the Mighty?” (Assume that Grendar killed the NPC’s brother)
    • “I have not. Are you a friend of this Grendar, I have use and gold for a mercenary.”
  • “We need to hide this map. Will you help us?”
    • “By the font of Debachka, I will hide it. Look for me at the fair of Trevonfold three nights hence. Carry with you a chicken, that way I will know that you have not been compromised. Ask at the Folded Scalliwag for Vincenza Montpelier. That will be the name I will be registered under and then I will give you back this map. Until then, you have the word of the Questari that I, Bucephalus Quenzi, will keep it safe.”

Roman the Questari

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