Common Spells

Charm Person: 1st level for most classes, people get charmed. Charmed people do things they wouldn’t otherwise want to do.

Detect Magic: One of the worst divination spells out there. Now the thieves know what to steal and the authorities know who’s been augmented.

Disguise Self: Not only is it first level, but some classes can spam this. That makes everyone a doppelganger. Yeah!

Identify: Now the thieves really know what to steal!

Unseen Servant: Everyone has an invisible butler.

Animal Messenger: Who the heck needs a telephone.

Detect Thoughts: I know what you’re thinking,. I even know that you don’t want me to know what your thinking.

Enhance Abilities: You know what’s awesome… heightened characteristics.

Invisibility: 2nd level. Why’d you buy up stealth?

Knock: Effective, but loud.

Locate Objects: What you need?

Magic Mouth: Like the Hall of Presidents, only magical.

Zone of Truth: Screw your Deception skill!

Detect Evil and Good: Yeah, that didn’t take long.

Augury: NPCs can do that too. It kind of guarantees success.

Mending: Nothing ever breaks when magic’s around.

Dancing Lights: These will mess with people and they can be spammed.

Suggestion: You can’t blame me. I was under a suggestion spell!

Alarm: Basically, it’s really not hard to put an alarm on a door. You might want to check that before you go breaking and entering.

Arcane Lock: Nothing like magic to keep that door closed.

Common Spells

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